Every once in a while I get questions like "How do you work with Logosynthesis on X?" X can mean headaches, allergies, Crohn's disease or -recently- schizophrenia and a dog with cancer.

The answer to all those questions: Logosynthesis doesn't work with X. X is a diagnostic term within a physical/biological/psychological system, and it doesn't make sense to introduce a diagnosis like that into your work with Logosynthesis. On the contrary: The diagnosis of a condition for which there has been no effective treatment will stand in the way of relief and healing.

A diagnosis only makes sense if it leads to a strategy for treatment. If the symptoms I suffer from are diagnosed as allergic, I can take anti-histaminics and the symptoms are gone.

If a diagnosis does not lead to a remedy, it gets a life of its own. It's taken from one expert to the next, and the corresponding energy construct gets stronger and stronger, to the point that finally everybody believes that X exists and that X is important. However, within the physical/biological/psychological frame of mind, there is no healing or resolution in sight.

This is often the moment that X is taken to Logosynthesis, and I get the above question. If the client uses the diagnosis to describe their condition with a corresponding SUDs level, one of my first interventions after building a relationship will be to apply the Logosynthesis sentences on this 'diagnosis' itself.

From there we can carefully start to translate the client's condition into an energy frame of reference. A 'phobia' then turns into a series of patterned reactions to frozen fantasies. An 'allergy' becomes a immunological reaction pattern to a representation of an imagined danger in the environment. 'Obsessive-compulsive' means that a perceived potential danger is avoided by a series of repetitive acts, based on the fantasy that the danger can be avoided that way.

Logosynthesis practitioners need the courage to look through the impressive diagnosis of competent experts. Those emperors might wear no clothes.

It doesn't mean that you can treat everything with Logosynthesis, but you can try to describe the presented symptoms as frozen energy patterns. That will lead you to an alternative diagnosis that paves the way for healing.